How To Earn Money from Paytm

How to earn money from Paytm: Nowadays every person wants to earn money and if you start earning money at home then nothing can be better than this. You can earn money sitting at home with Paytm, you will get a lot of money from this and many people are earning money sitting at home and you can also earn.

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how to earn money from paytm?
how to earn money from paytm?

Before this article, we have covered many ways through which people are earning thousands of rupees per month while staying at home, some are earning from blogging and many are earning from YouTube. For payment you have to use a wallet like Paytm but do you know that you can also earn money from your Paytm and that too in hundreds of thousands? You will know everything in this article, so read it till the end.

What is Paytm?

Paytm is an online wallet, with the help of which you can transfer money online, in this wallet you get the option of UPI, through which money is transferred from one bank account to another in seconds. Paytm’s owner and CEO is Vijay Shekhar Sharma, who founded Paytm in 2010. Initially it was just a wallet, but now it also serves as an online banking and shopping site.

How to Earn Money from Paytm

  1. By referring and earning.
  2. Through cashback.
  3. By selling your own product.
  4. By affiliate marketing.
  5. By using promo code.
  6. By playing Paytm first games

How to earn money from paytm online

We are going to tell you 6 ways to earn money from Paytm through which you can easily earn money.

Earn money by Reffar and Earn from Paytm

A good income can be earned by referring and earning from Paytm. The first objective of Paytm is that the more users you add with you, the more commission you will be given. Paytm gives you ₹100 on one referral. To refer this, you have to refer your friends through your social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. applications. If your friend installs the application from your given link and does the first transaction through his UPI, you get ₹100 cashback on that. Your friend has to do any transaction within 7 days. You can refer any number of friends with your referral. And ₹ 100 will be added to your wallet for all the friends who transact through UPI.

Earn money through cashback from Paytm

If you do any transaction on Paytm, you get some cash from Paytm. Paytm is mostly prevalent in the rural areas of India. When we send money to anyone through Paytm, if we do any transaction, we get some cash from Paytm. We get some cashback from Paytm or we get some points in return, we can also earn money from Paytm by redeeming those points.
Redeeming 10000 Paytm points always gives rupees, Paytm gives us more cashback on some transactions like paying mobile recharge, electricity bill, DTH recharge, etc. How do we get good.

Earn money by selling your own products on Paytm

If you want to sell your own product, then you can sell your product through ATM. If you are a shopkeeper, you can sell your product through Paytm and earn money when you ship any product through Paytm.And any visitor buys that product, then you get his money, for this you have to apply for Paytm seller in Paytm, after getting approval, you can send your product and earn money.

Earn money by doing Affiliate Marketing in Paytm

Through Paytm, you can also earn money by doing affiliate marketing, nowadays many companies are available on the internet which give money for selling their products. If you send that product then it is called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is very popular these days. For this you will have to apply in Paytm. After getting approval, you can do your marketing as soon as you get approval. Then you can share the link of that product through your social media account Facebook Instagram Twitter Telegram WhatsApp YouTube etc. You get approval quickly in Paytm if someone buys the product through the link given by you. You get his commission.

Earn money from Promo Coda on Paytm

Paytm launches promo code from time to time, you can earn money by using it, when you recharge or make any bill payment from Paytm, then you are given a promo code. Paytm mostly launches promo codes during festive seasons. Due to which Paytm users get good profits.

Earn money by playing games in Paytm

In today’s time, everyone from children to adults plays games. That is why Paytm has launched its game platform Paytm First Game, through which you can earn good money by playing games.

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